Passing drills

Passing drills

Passing drills are available in many different kinds of practice forms. It forms the basis of football from ball possession. Different ways of passing and kicking are the trumpet stairs and playing over with the inside and outside foot. Thanks to these pedalling techniques one is able to give through passes and crosses, among other things.

How to train passing abilities

There is some discussion about the meaning of training passing abilities in forms without resistance. Some theories are that children should learn implicitly and train in a result-oriented way. Implicit learning means discovering learning. A child is not given examples explaining how, for example, he or she should move his or her body (explicit learning), but is put in a situation in which he or she has to experiment with postures and thus unconsciously teaches himself or herself the right posture for him or her.

Result-oriented learning can be achieved, for example, by building in targets in an exercise. An example is cueing, where the ball has to be played through gates or land in a certain subject, for example. The player himself must look for the best attitude (implicit learning) to achieve this.

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