Finishing drills

Finishing drills are known in dozens of different forms. The best known form is undoubtedly playing the ball to the ‘striker’ who then plays the ball to a side and then the first player tries to finish. However, the question is how often a player gets into the situation described during the match. A finishing form like this can be made more valuable by adding a passing drill before finishing.

Make it real

An addition to the traditional way to finish is to let the striker make a feint before finishing. It is also possible to finish after a through ball or cross.


A big problem that we see a lot in especially lower youth teams is that long queues arise during the a finishing drill. Always try to avoid that. This can be done by doubling out a finishing drill, but also by placing extra players behind the different positions where players are waiting, so the long row in front is divided into small rows during the exercise. As a result, players will stop for a shorter time and will be able to focus longer and better on the exercise without being distracted.

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